A selective mix of personal items, kitchen and tableware.

A Selective Mix of Personal, Kitchen and Tableware Items.

The following is a collection of several different types of glassware all incorporating the ability to restructure and revitalize food and drink. We offer both large and small serving bowls, a carafe especially for creating salt brine, drinking straws, an incredible atomizer for your skin and energy plates.

For those seeking to play with the golden ratio design in lighting and aroma therapy, we offer two beautiful glass incense burners and aroma-oil diffusers.

Golden Ratio Glassware: Unique, useful and elegant designs.



Air-Ion Sprayer

Studies have proven a regeneration of the air when using the Sprayer “Air-Ion”.


Bowl Cotula

The “Cotula” bowls have a diameter of 12 cm and 23 cm.


Light Odoris

The health-friendly room diffuser serves as a decoration in your home, giving it a nice scent.


Energy plates

The energy plate is a hand-polished glass coaster with the Flower of Life symbol emblazoned into the glass.


Light Lucerna

The mouth blown and translucent glass chimney is positioned on a handcrafted wooden base.


Cadus for salt brine

Our body needs good salt in order to function properly.


Straw Calamus

The vortex, a natural phenomenon, underlies the design of the “Calamus” drinking straw.