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  • The carafe “Alladin” is the original version of all the Nature Design carafes. It is the standard, medium in the size range of ND carafes and has been one of the best selling carafes around the world.

    An ideal size for an individual or couple.

    Several options are available. The Basic option has no Flower of Life (FOL) design on the bottom of the carafe and is dishwasher safe. The other options offer different colors of the FOL design burnt into the outside of the glass on the bottom of the carafe and should be hand washed.

    These colors represent an additional energetic intention layered into the FOL design based on color therapy. Gold represents an expansion of consciousness and abundance, Platinum represents a focus of self love and forgiveness, Happy represents a focus of joy and White a focus of healing on many levels within Self.

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    “Alladin” 1.3 Liter Carafe

  • With its finely contoured form, designed with the Golden Ratio in mind, this “Cadus”, with it’s delicate shape attuned to the principles of the golden rectangle, has a 1.5-liter capacity. The pitcher comes in two styles, either with the Flower of Life in white or with a bulge/indentation in the bottom of the pitcher where you can place precious stones. The white color represents an additional energetic intention layered into the FOL design based on color therapy. The white FOL design symbolizes a focus of healing on many levels within Self.

    With the Gem option, the water has a magnifying effect on the stones that emphasizes their beauty spectacularly.   The sophisticated design enhances both the biological value and the flavor of any liquid it might contain.  The crystals also add additional energetic enhancemnts to the water.  A gemstone mixture of rose quartz, amethyst and clear quartz are included with the pitcher.  You can also create your own crystal combination if desired.

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    Cadus Water Pitcher – 1.5 Liter

  • Holding 5 liters of energized water, this beauty is ideal for small groups.

    With half the volume, the Beauty Carafe is a smaller version of the Universe, probably the largest hand-made water carafe of its kind in the world. The one shown here is the top of the line, platinum version.

    The Beauty Carafe, like the Universe, comes with a center channel to hold ice or other items of your pleasure. The gemstones should in the picture are not included.

    There are two options, a Basic option with no Flower of Life (FOL) on the bottom of the carafe or a Platinum FOL design burnt into the outside of the glass on the bottom of the carafe. Based on color therapy, the Platinum FOL design represents the additional energetic intention of self love and forgiveness.

    Other products that may be purchased with the Carafe Beauty include a wooden base and gemstone mixture for the center channel. Olive Wood Ball Tops are available to purchase for this carafe.

    The effectiveness of the carafe in revitalizing liquids placed within it, is created by its physical shape. This effect is guaranteed as long as the shape is preserved. No additional electrical, magnetic, intentional or any other kind of energetic inputs are required to create the revitalization effect.

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    Carafe Beauty – 5.0 Liter

  • The carafe “Miniverse” is a jewel of a special kind.  Cute and highly decorative, each Miniverse carafe is a mouth blown, original piece.  It comes with a 24 carat gold Flower of Life fired into the bottom of the carafe.  In color therapy, the color gold is associated with energetic support, expansion of consciousness and biological well-being.

    With the same basic golden ratio design as its big brothers and sisters, the Miniverse carafe is not only the cutest thing you have ever seen, but offers an interesting variety of potential uses.  It can be used for all liquids – hot and cold. It can also be used as an herb and spice container, as well as for oils, essences, condiments, and cosmetics.

    Notice the effect when a few of these are grouped together? So why not update the quantity in your cart to more than one?  Just saying…

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    Carafe Miniverse Gold – 0.1 Liter

  • The bowl that serves well in the kitchen during meal preparation. (Limited quantities)

    This beautiful Patera Bowl (shown here is the bigger one) has a diameter of 23cm. The height is 9cm (about 3.5 inches)

    Its well-thought-out design, in keeping with the golden ratio, is conceived primarily for the preparation and enjoyment of a meal. The hand-blown glass is produced with meticulous craftsmanship.

    The Flower of Life in white is burned into the bottom of the bowl. Because of its size, the flower is shown to particular advantage here.

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    Patera Bowl (Large) – White Flower of Life