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First, let’s introduce ourselves.

We are the exclusive distributors for the United States and Canada for the unique glassware, glass and porcelain products created by Nature’s Design GmbH, based in Switzerland.


The uniqueness of our products is that almost all of them are designed on the basis of the centuries old Golden Ratio proportions, with often the Flower of Life sacred geometry symbol incorporated in their design as well.


These creative principles have resulted in a range of products, naturally in harmony with nature and energetically vibrating in such a way that it has an amazing effect on whatever these vessels hold. They also have an energizing effect on the physical space in which they are placed.


Very few people are raised or educated with the awareness of the Golden Ratio design principle and the degree to which it is found throughout our world. Yet, all of life on Earth subscribes to this principle and the growth and development of every species, and even the physical substrates of our planet, are based on this unique factor.



Given this educational deficit, it is perhaps not surprising that many people are amazed, and even skeptical, that the physical form of a vessel can have an energetic effect on what is held within it. And yet it is so.


What has been known for centuries about the Golden Ratio principle is once again being applied to the creation of the many different physical forms which we use in our everyday lives for the various purposes of support in which we engage.


For an excellent source of information and ideas about how you can apply this principle in many different facets of your daily life, see the best-selling book The Golden Ratio Lifestyle Diet, by Robert Friedman, M.D. and Matthew Cross (Hoshin Media Publishing, 2011)


We invite you to discover the effects of these amazing houseware products in your own experience, and to explore how you can further apply the Golden Ratio design principle in your life for the greater unfoldment of all your innate potentials.


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Halsey & Patricia Snow
Halsey Snow and Patricia Marston-Snow, founders of the Golden Ratio Products company.
The Golden Ratio as it is applied to our glassware exclusively sold in the USA and Canada by Golden Ratio Products.
The Golden Ratio as it applies to the human body (courtesy of Leonardo Da Vinci.)